Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes. You shouldn’t have to pay to get work. Individual membership will be free, forever.

Events such as networking, training or screenings will require purchasing a ticket however, though this is purely to cover the cost of the event space hire.

Who can sign up?

The network is not only for working professionals, but students, newcomers or hobbyists are also welcome too. Additionally, there is no handicap for this tier of membership – you still have access to everything on the site that the professional tier does.

Our only requirement to sign up is that you’re studying or working in the natural history and/or filmmaking industry.

What do I get for my membership?

When you register, you’ll be able to create a profile on our site, promoting your skills and experience. All profiles are visible to the public – you don’t need to sign up to see them, but you can tailor what details are or aren’t visible. Once registered, you’ll be invited to attend any of our events that we plan on running throughout the year at various locations around the country.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to browse and apply for any roles or vacancies that may be available, or even post your own job listings if you’re in need of crew. The jobs board is only visible to registered members.

What events will you run?

We aim to put on a variety of different events. Some of which may be purely networking events – a great opportunity to meet like minded folk over a coffee (or beer!) and chat wildlife filmmaking. Other events may include screenings of members’ films, or may be training or equipment demos with specialist bits of filmmaking kit.

Will I get work from the site?

We can’t guarantee that you’ll land jobs by signing up. However, becoming a member may help (it certainly won’t do any harm), and best of all it’s free – so there’s nothing to lose!

How is this site different from other jobs boards?

Well, we’re not just a jobs board. We’re a network, with a jobs board being only one aspect of what we offer.

So how do we differ from other networks? The biggest thing is that we’re free. Most other networks charge a monthly or annual subscription which you could better spend on new camera equipment or getting your passion project doc made. None of our content is behind paywalls either. Profiles on other networks often are only visible to other members, limiting who can see your page and potentially want to get in touch.

And finally, we think that many other networks and jobs boards’ websites are, frankly rubbish. Part of the reason memberships are not open yet is because we want to take the time and effort to create a well thought out and optimised website from both a functional and an aesthetic point of view.

When will the site be open?

When it’s ready. We don’t have a specific launch date in mind, but we hope to open memberships within the next few months.

We may open memberships early to those who pre-register to field-test the site before going fully live.